Review of the Three Traditions

Many thanks to Bernard Hughes who not only attended our concert but was kind enough to speak very highly of it.

Highlights of his review (click here for the full piece in all its glory)

“Throughout, the choir were tight, singing with impressive control in both homophonic and contrapuntal textures. The diction was good, especially in the German pieces, and achieved both hushed pianos (notably in the Rachmaninov) and a resounding forte in the extract from Tchaikovsky’s Office for the Dead.”

“…a warm sound in a very favourable acoustic, capturing the character of the music and showing themselves strong in the low bass register”

“…the JCS achieved an air of rapt meditation below Helen Morton’s beautifully judged solo.”

“…delighted to hear such a strong choir singing an intelligently put together programme, another example of the high standard of choral singing on offer in London at the moment.”

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